Awakening Workshop: March 29th 2016 in Venice Beach, California

Awakening Workshop: March 29th 2016 in Venice Beach, California

A profound and illuminating experience. In one evening I became viscerally aware of what I value in life when everything superficial is stripped away. In turn I immediately found a deeper appreciation for the present than ever before. You’ll never love life more than after a workshop about death!
— Anastasia Baranova

Awakening Workshop

Our Awakening workshop is designed for you to contemplate the reality of your body's inevitable death.  In our sit together, we will create a safe environment for you to explore your deepest attachments and significance.  We will consider the dynamics of relationship, reconciliation, forgiveness, and presence, evoking compromised areas in your life.  While some of the dialogue may evoke difficult feelings, it will ultimately assist in clearing the path to renewed engagement in life and practical preparation for the eventuality of your death.

Awakening was a powerful journey into what I truly hold dear to my heart as I consider my life ending. As I was guided through the workshop with love and compassion, what started as an intellectual exercise morphed into a deep and examination of what my death holds for not just me, but also my loved ones. Far from being sad or depressing it was enriching and empowering as I considered how I want my death, and really my life, to look. Take this course. If not for yourself, then for everyone that you love and loves you!
— Richard Frank

Providence Workshop

The last great act of love we can undertake is to put our affairs in order before our deaths.  In our Providence workshop we will begin to create the tangible documents to catalogue the most significant details of your life and wishes for our loved ones after our deaths.  This workshop is an exercise in focused reflection and decision-making regarding your relationships and possessions.  You will leave with an effective end of life planning tool and peace of mind!



Content presented in the Awakening and Providence workshops are based on a deep and (some consider) intense stories compiled from our experience while being in the presence of those who are dying.  We do not share these story and concerns to evoke fear but rather, the awareness of the fragility of life. These workshops are not intended as a substitute for traditional grief counseling or psychotherapy. If you suffer currently from depression, suicidal thoughts, Thanatophobia (phobia of death), Vasovagal syncope, neurocardiogenic syncope, fainting, or extreme emotional distress these may not be an appropriate workshops for you at this time.