This course will develop your unique offering and prepare you to make it come alive in the world. 

Death doulas and end of life planners will play a unique role in today's society as it prepares to embrace shifting consciousness around dying coupled with a shifting generational dynamic.  Using cultural, philosophical, and personal perspectives, students will explore conscious dying as a vehicle for conscious living while critically examining their own narratives on death and dying. This end of life training course develops certified death doulas and end of life planners steeped in ancient wisdom traditions adapted to modern times.

The curriculum  provides a deep dive into how we die in the 21st Century and techniques on how to best support people while they do it.  You will gain a keen eye for the needs of the people you serve as they navigate dying, while expanding your innate capacity for care.  In this unique 12 module online program, you will learn the major pillars of death care—emotional, practical, legal and spiritual. Students will learn to:

 1.   Explore conscious dying and develop individualized methods of being with dying

2.    Identify current medical death signifiers and practices

3.   Deliver natural death care using current techniques and ancient wisdom

4.  Create comprehensive end of life plans for themselves, community members, and potential clients

5.    Understand, support, and solve the practical and bureaucratic needs at the end of life

6.     Design alternative funerals and rituals

7.     Demonstrate knowledge of disposition of possessions 

8.     Work in conjunction with medical care teams to provide holistic support 

9.     Identify and support the various expressions of grief 

10.    Create death awareness offerings

11.   Engage in the ethics of caregiving

12.   Build capable businesses and practice and self care

For your contribution of $1295, each module contains videos from your instructor to create context for the work, selected readings to expand upon your knowledge, and exercises to deepen your practice .  While it is intended that one module is completed each week, you can move at your own pace.  You may find sections where you need to integrate your learning or need more time to complete the exercises. And sometimes life will get in the way of you preparing to be with dying. While this is a distance learning program, this knowledge is deeply personal.   You will have access to your instructor Alua Arthur monthly throughout the course to assess your progress, answer questions, and provide mentorship through webinars.   

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village to support through a death.

Let's become the pillars of that village. 


What is a Death Doula or End of Life Planner?

We are all just walking each other home.

--Ram Dass

A death doula or an end of life planner is an umbrella term for those that provide non-medical care and support to people as they prepare for death and for families after a death.  Called death midwives, death doulas and end of life planners, this is an emerging field of care, despite the fact that this role has existed as long as (wo)man.  

There are as many different practice models as there are end of life professionals.  For some, being bedside is of primary importance.  Others provide full range support for the practical needs nearing the end of life, answering the many 'how's that come along with it.  And for others still, it involves spiritual guidance and home funerals.   No matter how you choose to provide support through dying, this can be done in a professional or personal manner.  

What skills/background do I need to do this work?

Work is love made visible.

--Khalil Gibran

It is not necessary to have a special educational background to begin being with dying.  Realistically, you've already got most the the skills you need! Kindness, compassion, creativity, patience and deep listening go a long way when supporting people for death.  However, it is important to possess some other knowledge in preparing people for death.  You can learn it all in this program, and gain experience in the field. Find a hospice program near you and sign up to volunteer.  Not only will you gain practical experience, you will also build connections, and support a crucial component of end of life care.  

There is currently no certifying body for end of life professionals nor is there is a singular standard of education in the field.  As you select a program, it is important to choose an instructor that you resonate with, as this trainer will be teaching you end of life care as they deem it effective. Trust not only your intuition, but the success of the trainers in their chosen fields.  And remember that this learning experience should deepen your own understanding of death and dying while increasing your capacity to be effective for others.  



Are there career options available after I complete this course?

Take care with the end
As you do with the beginning.

- Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching

For now, death doulas and other end of life professionals are private practitioners and entrepreneurs raising awareness about the work and paving the path for this field to become an institutional standard for end of life care.  Developed to meet the emerging needs of society discovered through the practice, this course will teach you all elements of effective non-medical end of life support.  This work can be easily integrated into your current practice: estate planners, massage therapists, teachers, caregivers, the list goes on!  Use this course to enhance your current offerings or create a new path. The opportunites are endless.  

Going with Grace envisions an end of life planner position available in a cross section of industries as society's needs for competent end of life support increases. Culturally, we've undergone a shift in how we relate to birth and we believe the same is possible for death.  For now, we are committed to creating standardized levels of education and competencies to ensure that the training programs can prepare people to professionally support at the end of life and receive compensation to do so. 

If you're interested in creating a branch of Going with Grace in your location, please contact us here