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I am a healthy 28 year old at the peak of my life. Death is not something I think about or have had to experience a whole lot of in my life. I had zero knowledge of all things death related but knew that I wanted to have everything sorted out in the event that my end comes sooner than planned. Alua’s deep knowledge made the process of creating my End of Life plan seamless. Her soft and caring demeanor made me feel comfortable talking about some pretty uncomfortable topics.

Alua is one of the liveliest women I have ever met, so to bring this energy into this line of work is what’s going the change the larger conversation about death in our culture.
— Sam Halpern
The Going with Grace Directive is a thoughtfully presented document, allowing individuals to not only select their health care agent but serves as a guide for their family and loved ones to gain a full understanding of their end of life preferences. I was deeply moved by this directive and inspired to complete it myself. As a physician, I often encounter patients whose families struggle with these decisions and “ask for everything to be done” when they do not know what their loved one may have really wanted. I believe this document is a great resource and will help people go gracefully.
— Dr. Kwame Ohemeng, M.D.
A profound and illuminating experience. In one evening I became viscerally aware of what I value in life when everything superficial is stripped away. In turn I immediately found a deeper appreciation for the present than ever before. You’ll never love life more than after a workshop about death!
— Anastasia Baranova
Going With Grace is offering a very necessary and helpful service. Alua addresses the many practical and emotional aspects that naturally arise with such great sensitivity and care. Although it is potentially uncomfortable at times to address the reality of losing someone, it is very helpful to know that a service like this exists to help ease the burden during times of grieving.
— Andrew McFarlane
Awakening was a powerful journey into what I truly hold dear to my heart as I consider my life ending. As Alua and Emily guided me through the workshop with love and compassion, what started as an intellectual exercise morphed into a deep and examination of what my death holds for not just me, but also my loved ones. Far from being sad or depressing it was enriching and empowering as I considered how I want my death, and really my life, to look. Take this course. If not for yourself, then for everyone that you love and loves you!
— Richard Frank