Creating compassionate, knowledgeable, and effective

End of Life Professionals

Do you have the desire to support people through difficult times? Support people as they consider death as a part of life? Destigmatize preparing for the end of life? BE the change in how we view death while gaining practical knowledge and skills to do so? 

This course is specifically designed to prepare you to be with dying holistically.  From working with healthy people to supporting a family in the months after a death, you will learn the skills, tools, and methods to make you most effective at shifting consciousness around death.  

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village for someone to die.

Among the greatest fears in society today is the fear of dying.  This course creates death doulas and end of life planners steeped in ancient wisdom traditions, personal reflections and logistical knowledge to support people as they traverse that fear.  Death doulas and end of life planners have a unique role in today's society as it prepares to embrace shifting consciousness coupled with a shifting generational dynamic and this course will teach you what you need to know to become a private practitioner of non-medical end of life support.    

The curriculum provides a deep dive into how we die and how to best support people while they do it.  You will gain a better understanding of the people that you will serve and create a keen eye for their needs as they navigate dying.   In this unique 12 module online program you will learn the 4 major pillars of death care: 

  • Emotional
  • Practical
  • Legal
  • Psycho-social/Spiritual

Each module contains selected readings to expand upon your knowledge, exercises to deepen your practice, and taped lectures to fill gaps in information.  While it is intended that one module is completed each week, you have the opportunity to move at your own pace.  This is a distance learning program and this knowledge is deeply personal.   You may find areas where you need to integrate your learning, or need more time to complete the exercises.  Regardless, you will have access to your instructor throughout the course through scheduled check-in calls to assess your progress, answer questions, and provide mentorship.   

Using cultural, philosophical, and personal perspectives, students will explore conscious dying as a vehicle for conscious living while critically examining their own narratives on death and dying.

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What is an End of Life Professional?

An End of Life Professional is an umbrella term for those that provide non-medical care and support to people as they prepare for death.  Called death midwives, death doulas and end of life planners, this is an emerging field of care, despite the fact that this role has existed as long as (wo)man.  

There are as many different practice models as there are end of life professionals.  

What career options are available after I complete this course?

For now, death doulas and other end of life professionals are private practitioners and entrepreneurs raising awareness about the work and paving the path for this field to become an institutional standard for end of life care.  Developed to meet the emerging needs of society discovered through the practice, this course will teach you all elements of effective on-medical end of life support.  


If you'd like to bring a branch of Going with Grace to your location, 

At the present moment, there is no certifying body for end of life professionals and there is no singular standard of education in the field.  

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What skills/background do I need to do this work?

Selecting a program. It is important to select a program and an instructor that tyou resonate with, as this trainer will be teaching you end of life care as they deem it effective.