End of Life Planning Services

The Going with Grace Directive is a thoughtfully presented document, allowing individuals to not only select their health care agent but serves as a guide for their family and loved ones to gain a full understanding of their end of life preferences. I was deeply moved by this directive and inspired to complete it myself. As a physician, I often encounter patients whose families struggle with these decisions and "ask for everything to be done" when they do not know what their loved one may have really wanted. I believe this document is a great resource and will help people go gracefully. Dr. Kwame Ohemeng

In a unique 2-3 hour consultation, our end of life planners walk alongside you to complete an advance planning document which details your wishes for the end of your life and how to complete your affairs after your death. With the benefit of technology, we are able to serve clients no matter where you are located! Alternatively if you'd like to work on your own, you can access our specialized consultation in your own home in an online course. You get the benefit of our expertise while working at your own pace.  Access the course here

Created by Going with Grace, this 30 page End of Life Planning document has been reviewed by doctors, lawyers, death midwives, social workers, and funeral homes to provide an easy way for your loved ones to have access to your important information, documents and wishes.  It is uniquely designed to organize and execute tasks in an effort to maximize participation in life.  Naturally, completing end of life directives stirs emotions and thoughts on mortality and life.  We are honored to support you as you consider these complex ideas throughout the planning process.  The end of life planning tool documents the following:

  • Health care decision-making

  • Desires for life support

  • Care and treatment of the body

  • Disposition of the body after death

  • Instructions for your possessions

  • Instructions for dependents and/or pets

  • Important biographical information

  • Financial accounting

  • Online accounts and password cataloguing

  • Life review

Call us at (323) 641-3687 to book your consultation or click here to begin planning on your own. Remember that no-one regrets planning, they just regret not planning sooner.