Death Doula Services

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A death midwife/doula is someone who undergoes special training to assist the dying and their family members. Caring for someone who is dying can be traumatic and confusing for family members, especially in a culture where caring for the dead is not ingrained in society. A death midwife can guide family members through the process of death, telling them what to expect and acting as an advocate for them and for the decedent with representatives of the hospital, funeral homes, and other personnel who may be involved in the death process.

For the dying, a death doula offers comfort, support, and companionship. Doulas and midwives may sit quietly with the dying, sing to them, talk with them, or offer other acts of companionship.

Death doulas are generally nonsectarian, although they are usually happy to read from religious texts or to incorporate ceremonies of a religious nature into the death process, for those who desire this. Many will stay to assist through the funeral, if requested to do so, and some do follow-up visits with family members in the weeks and months after the death to talk about the experience.

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