To relieve the burden created without proper end of life documentation, Going with Grace exists to support people as they answer the question "what must I do to be at peace with myself so that I may live presently and die peacefully?"  The answers to this question are as varied as our fingerprints. We create comprehensive end of life plans that are suited to an individual’s unique humanhood—a true expression of their life and the experiences they cherish.  We also create peace of mind while supporting families as they complete the administrative affairs of recently departed loved one.

Our goal is to bring grace and compassion to the cycle of life by planning for it and effortlessly tying up the loose ends.  Planning for the end of life saves considerable time, money, headache and heartache for those we love most.  In our experiences as attorneys, caretakers, and certified death midwives, we use our expertise to create simplicity and ease.  Our clients can exist in peace that their end of life wishes are known and their loved ones are supported after they are gone.

We are a compassionate, committed and organized team of joyful life designers and end of life planners. We are guides to navigating the practical, legal, and emotional issues while contemplating or nearing the end of life.  We are your professional end of life support team.

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